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Drum Lessons

I teach one-to-one drum lessons at South Street Studios in Ipswich.

My lessons are suitable for all ages and abilities, and for fans of any style of music. And importantly, they are fun! I'm firmly of the belief that learning should be an enjoyable experience, not a painful one!

Lessons are built around the student's abilities, needs and goals. Depending on the experience of the student, lessons may include:

  • The basics (holding drumsticks, basic technique)

  • Drum beats and fills

  • Advanced drumming concepts like soloing, linear drumming and poly-rhythms

  • Technique and injury prevention

  • Coordination (always a favourite!)

  • How to play songs and work out the drumming in songs

  • Playing in different musical styles

  • Creativity at the kit and how to develop musical ideas

  • Concert and exam preparation

  • How to maintain and tune a drum kit

  • Music theory and sight reading.

I've been playing drums for 20 years, and teaching drumming for 13 years. As well as teaching privately at South Street Studios, I'm the in-house drum tutor at Colchester High School and Suffolk New College.

From 5-year-olds, drummers who've played at Latitude and Glastonbury, to drummers well into their senior years... I've taught them all!

For answers to commonly asked questions, visit the Drum Lesson FAQ. If you’d like to book a lesson, get in touch!