Five Things #130

Every Tuesday I share five things I've liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. This charming little video might change how you think about small talk.

  2. A great insight into Malika Favre's creative process and how show approaches her illustration projects. If you enjoy the video definitely check out her Instagram.

  3. A really interesting piece on how social media (primarily Instagram) is influencing architecture. It's a little sad to think of everything as just another backdrop to a selfie but if it gets people more interested in the world around them maybe it's a good thing? — "Could our obsession with capturing and sharing also represent an opportunity for innovation? Shouldn’t architects be welcoming a platform that encourages people to look more closely at their surroundings?"

  4. “Few exercises help clarify your thoughts better than writing” — I totally agree with this quote, and everything else in this piece on the benefits of Selfish Writing.

  5. I'm 100% in favour of phone free concerts.

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