Five Things #151

Every Tuesday I share five things I've liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. The kakapo is a flightless parrot described as “a mix between owl and muppet”. Unfortunately there are only 143 adults left. Can technology save them?

  2. Great interview on mastery and specialisation with David Epstein on Russ Roberts' EconTalk podcast. Russ is a great interviewer and asks a lot of tough questions. Took a lot away from their conversation.

  3. Elisabeth Heidinga is an artist that makes paintings out of cut up strips of other paintings. I really like the results!

  4. IKEA has recreated famous living rooms from The Simpsons, Friends and Stranger Things for a recent ad campaign. Genius!

  5. In the 70s the Dutch city of Utrecht filled in its moat and replaced it with a huge 11 lane motorway. In 2015 the work to replace the motorway with a new canal was completed. Nice to see they corrected the original mistake! This video succinctly explains the whole thing.

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