Five Things #54

Every Wednesday I share five things I liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. A great post on how to learn more effectively: Let Go of the Learning Baggage.
  2. Vantablack is very black: "Vantablack is a substance made of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays and is the blackest artificial substance known, absorbing up to 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum."
  3. A cool time-lapse video of the Milky Way shot from an airplane cockpit.
  4. An interesting interview on How Creativity Drives Human Evolution with the author and anthropologist Augustín Fuentes. — "What's distinctive about humans is that we can imagine something and then make it real."
  5. This week's musical recommendation is So It Goes by the ambient musician and composer Greg Haines. If you like this, check out his albums "Where We Were" and "Moments Eluding".

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