Five Things #62

with a view by ross farley

Every Wednesday I share five things I've liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. If you get a chance, try to catch Edgar Wright's latest film Baby Driver while it's still in the cinemas. One of the best films I've seen in ages, plus the soundtrack is incredible!
  2. A Dizzying View of a Bicycle Graveyard in China.
  3. If, like me, you're prone to procrastination, this simple exercise might give you a kick start.
  4. This is a really great interview: Debbie Millman talks to the composer Nico Muhly for her podcast Design Matters. She's a fantastic interviewer and Nico is an equally fantastic interviewee.
  5.  This week's music recommendation is Split by Rauelsson. If you like it, check out his album Vora.

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