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Five Things #105
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Every Wednesday I share five things I've liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. An interesting piece on the idea of a growth vs fixed mindset — "You can tell kids that they’ve done something fantastic, but don’t label them as smart"

  2. I have a new favourite iOS game, Pocket Run Pool. It really helped me through my recent 2-hour stint of being stuck on the runway on the way home from Berlin!

  3. A great Youtube series from Holistic Songwriting analysing the writing styles of various artists. I'm only partway through but have learnt a lot.

  4. This Twitter thread of neural net-generated jokes is rather amusing. The jokes are only funny because they are terrible, but I did enjoy them all the same.

  5. I've been really enjoying Jonas Bonnetta's album All This Here. I really like his use of field recordings.

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My jams | May 2018

If it looks like I went on a bit of a Radiohead binge in May... You are very much correct! I hadn't listened to them in ages and I'd definitely forgotten how good they are. So I made amends in spectacular style!

Jonas Bonnetta is the only new discovery to crack my Top 10 lists from May. His album All This Here is excellent.

In total, I listened to music from 197 albums and by 149 different artists.

If you are so inclined, follow me on or Spotify, and if you have any album recommendations please send them my way. Happy listening! 👋