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Five Things #38

Every Wednesday I share five things I liked and think you might like too. Here are this week’s Five Things…

  1. "If you spin these sculptures by artist John Edmark at a certain speed and light them with a strobe, they appear to animate in slowly trippy ways." — Surreal and more than a little trippy!
  2. The owner of this record store and label won't take your credit card, doesn't use a computer and unplugs the phone if it rings too many times. The fascinating story of Mississippi Records.
  3. One of my students sent me this video of a Romanian Monk playing the semantron, which (according to wikipedia) is "a percussion instrument used in monasteries to summon monastics to prayer". The monk's playing is really beautiful and hypnotic. As a musician, there is so much to learn from different cultures and their use of percussion and rhythm!
  4. A great article on pop music's not-so-secret secret — "The songs are written industrially. . . often by committee and in bulk. Anything short of a likely hit is discarded. The constant iteration of tracks, all produced by the same formula, can result in accidental imitation—or, depending on the jury, purposeful replication."
  5. Food scientists at Impossible Foods are on a mission to help the environment by winning over meat eaters and reducing our consumption of meat. The Impossible Burger is one of their attempts to do this. As a meat eater I'd be curious to give it a try!

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